The Truth About Becoming an Independent Travel Agent

what kind of accounting for an indepenedent travel agency working with a host agency

If you love to travel, are highly organized and enjoy working directly with people, becoming a travel agent is an awesome career choice. As a result, it pays to spend time interviewing host agencies and finding the right one to fit your needs. As a home-based travel agent, you are directly responsible for your income. Travel Quest World, EDGE, and regional travel conferences can help you create a solid foundation for your future.

  • Like Geiser, Lee reports that a sizeable number of new arrivals to the host agency scene are those who have made pandemic-induced changes to their career paths.
  • The key to thriving as a home-based travel agent is knowing what your clients want and being able to deliver before they have to ask for it.
  • We get your go-getter, hard-charging, nonstop-till-you-reach-the-top attitude because that’s exactly how we roll.
  • Federal employer identification number (EIN) is needed for paying business and payroll taxes, if you have employees.
  • The Travel Society started in 1986 as a 100% focused independent contractor agency, and we still are today.
  • As a contracted worker you have complete control over when, where, and how you conduct business.

While the former require much training and mentoring, the latter may mainly seek the highest payouts and benefits from large suppliers. Longtime industry experts are aware of the differences between a host agency and a travel agency consortium. But the influx of new advisors has made it necessary for more people to educate themselves about how each concept works, and whether it is worth joining either type of organization. Advisors looking to align with a host agency will find some new options — albeit often founded by longtime players in the travel industry. Some accounting firms specialize in the hospitality and travel industries, offering financial services such as auditing, general accounting and tax compliance, as explained by Casey Peterson.

Corporate Travel Management Companies: How to Choose the Best Provider for Business Trips

The key feature of Avoya is its lead generation program called Live Leads and designed to send new clients directly to affiliates 24/7. Keep in mind, though, that when you take a lead from Avoya, the host takes a larger part of the commission (70 percent) and you receive only 30 percent. We’ll take a quick peek at what they offer and how each of them stands out from the other hosts. I always say airlines are another animal and honestly, they’re not my forte. Don’t expect to become a millionaire by selling domestic tickets from JFK to LAX. Consortia and some franchises are a little different from hosted advisors in that each individual agency needs its own accreditation number.

  • Below, we’ll review the top host agencies to see how they leverage expertise and technologies and why exactly they are preferred by thousands of travel agents.
  • For this reason, it is important to understand what your contract provides for with respect to which state will have jurisdiction over any controversies that arise from the contract.
  • To aid in the search, Ogg’s company offers comparative reviews, as well as an agency checklist designed to help advisors see the differences between hosts.
  • Read on for our ultimate guide to making sure you pick the best home for your budding career as an independent travel agent.
  • Here are recommendations that will help you narrow down your choices.
  • Also, large suppliers often use host agencies to promote their products, and small agents can take great advantage of these partner programs.
  • On your part, it is also about listening and reading people to provide them with experiences they will love.

But really, is it just me, or is the $2/segment airline commission incentive not really doing it for anyone else? Well, don’t worry, because going through a host agency and/or travel consortium can give you access to private air contracts that are quite a bit more attractive. Five states have Seller of Travel (SOT) are state laws that regulate people who sell travel (yep, that’s you!). These laws offer protections for consumers and a lot of red tape for advisors. And if you live in or sell to clients in FL, WA, HI, or CA, it’s imperative that you’re adhering to their respective SOT requirements.

Despite Higher Prices, Fall Bookings Are Still Mostly Strong

Work on enhancing traveling and tourism experience by improving every stage of Travel Agency. Be target-oriented and focus on digital and comfort-savvy clients. For the Bookkeeping of your travel agency, We care our customers like no other. With the help of QuickBooks travel agency accounting Bookkeeping Services, you can manage all your business operations effectively and smoothly. Quickbooks for Travel Agency is the best solution for traveling and agency. New entrants and seasoned agents need quite different levels of support from a host agency.

Independent travel agent contracts aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal (just like hosts!). Just like any business, host agencies vary in size and amount of resources at their disposal. They may not be spending the majority of their time creating a pitch-perfect contract for their ICs. Home-based independent travel agents are becoming the new norm because much of the time-consuming legwork that goes into making travel plans for clients can be streamlined and scaled using new technology.

More Ways to Earn . . .

Today, they continue to fulfill that goal by serving over 1,200 agents in the US. Travel Quest Network offers training, technology resources, marketing, and flexible pricing plans that range from % commission in the agent’s pocket. Becoming an independent travel agent is a long-term endeavor, and if you are willing to put in the time, it can be your career for life.

A travel agency is a company that provides travel and tourism booking services and planning for people. This can include making arrangements for things such as air travel, vehicle rental, hotels/lodging and travel insurance. Before you get started, find out how do travel agents make money and see if you can find out new ways to generate income. Choosing between host agencies for independent travel agents is one of the hardest decisions to make. Many organizations offer technological and marketing support to home-based travel agents, but not all of them represent an equal value. Customers look to independent travel agents for individualized customer service and niche expertise they can’t get from a corporate agency.

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